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The Spa

Roman Baths

Not a whirlpool or Jacuzzi, but 750 gallons of mineral water in a ceramic tile, walk-in private tub.  Heated to a maximum water temperature of 102 degrees Farenheit, the Roman Bath is a tub big enough to stretch out in, to float, read, or just relax.  There are metal railings for exercise use and safety.  Bath time is 15 minutes if you are also having a massage; 30 minutes without a massage. The Old Roman Bath Building is reserved for those who just want the Bath and no massage.  Couple are welcome. Bath times are by the half hour.

taking to the waters at Berkeley Springs State ParkJacuzzi

Luxuriate in a 150 gallon whirlpool bathtub with mineral water heated to a maximum temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit.  Bath time with a massage is 15 minutes; 20 minutes without a massage.  
Footrests and pillows are available.


Enjoy thirty or sixty minutes of Swedish-style full-body rub down with massage oil in a traditional mixture of pure olive oil and 190 proof ethyl alcohol.  Massagers are trained and instructed. There are female massagers on the women's side and male massagers on the men's side.  Sensitive areas will be fully draped at all times during your massage.


The saunas are heated. The steam treatment may be included with a Bath/Massage package.


At the end of your massage you may take a five minute shower or you may elect to shower immediately following your bath.  Another option is to follow your treatment with powder and no shower-this is especially good for those with dry skin.

Mineral Content of the Waters

Sodium Chloride
Sodium Sulphate
Sodium Nitrate
Potassium Sulphate
Calcium Sulphate
Ferrous Carbonate
Magnesium Carbonate
Strontium Carbonate
Ammonium Chloride
Albuminoid Nitrogen
Organic Matter


Free Carbonic Acid
Carbonic Acid in Bicarbonates
Dissolved Oxygen

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